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Personal Projects

Learn a little more about my work and check out my personal projects! In addition to working with commissions and making fanarts, one of my focuses is creating sapphic stories and making them in the form of comics. 

Plano Falível

Created for the final project in Digital Design, this comic stars Rose and Olga, a couple united by a rather peculiar reason: a demonic contract.

Check out the page on! 

Sweet Blood

In a world where humans and mythical creatures live together, Sara, a Social Sciences graduate student, needs to interview vampires for her final thesis. The young woman struggles with her shyness and insecurity to continue her research and... perhaps, end up falling in love along the way?

Check out the page on!

Artistas Baderneiros

I manage, together with other artists, a digital art collective that originated on Twitter, which promotes several collaborative events for the community.

Check out the group's website!

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