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  • When sending me a message, please be clear and polite. 

  • I have the right to refuse your order. 

  • Please send all visual and text references you have for your piece. You can even make a folder on Pinterest, Google Drive, or Imgur with your references.

  • If your description is a very long text, cut it into parts or topics to make it more clear.

  • If you need your art for a specific date, please let me know. Tight deadlines will increase the final value of the piece.

  • I work only during business days.


  • You have no commercial rights to the image. You can't sell prints, stickers, clothing, NFT, etc. All commissions that I offer on this page are for personal use only. If you are interested in ordering art for commercial use, please contact me via

  • The right to use the images is exclusive to my clients. They have exclusivity on the pieces I created for them, so third parties are not allowed to use these images for any purpose. This includes editing the arts to your own benefit.

  • All creative rights belong to me. I'll use your art for my portfolio, social media, and commission examples. If you don't want it to be shared, let me know while we're discussing the details about your order. 

  • DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE. You pay for the artwork, not the author's rights.

  • Fanart commissions are exclusive for the clients' use, but, if you allow, I'll be using them to sell prints if they turn out good for physical goods.


  • All prices are listed in US Dollars (USD). Payment can be made only via PayPal invoices or Wise payment links.

  • You can make an upfront payment (100%) at the beginning of the order or 50% to guarantee your slot and the other half after you are satisfied with the rough sketch. The minimum value of the second option is US$100.


    • The payment is not 100% refundable. I will only refund 50% of the paid amount as long as the client declines the order in the early sketch stages, otherwise, I will proceed with the work, and deliver the final piece.

    • If you are not satisfied with the final result, I won't refund you. You can ask for ALL the necessary changes in the rough sketch phase. I am not responsible for dissatisfaction with the pose, composition, and etc. The only thing I am willing to change without charging more is minimal details (color, skin marks, small accessories, etc.). Excessive revisions will also increase the price.

  • Additional characters are 50% of the base price.

  • Armors, details, complex designs/backgrounds, and any other aspect of the art that leads to more time of work will increase the final price.

  • It will no longer be possible to make free revisions after the sketch is approved. Any drastic change will result in an increase in the price of the piece. Please do not hesitate to ask for corrections on the sketch. Do not be shy. Avoid regrets and be very confident! I won't feel offended, don't worry.

  • Urgent orders will have an extra fee on their final price. 

  • The prices are not negotiable



  • Fanart

  • Original Characters (OCs)

  • Real people

  • Mild nudity

  • Pets

  • Mild gore (blood, wounds)

  • Furry/Anthro

  • Complex designs (will be considerably more expensive)


  • Explicit NSFW (sexual content)

  • Explicit gore

  • Offensive content/hate speech.

  • Any content that makes me uncomfortable.

Remember, if I don’t do some kind of art/character, it’s because I don’t feel comfortable. Please do not insist.

Remembering, SEND ALL THE REFERENCES. Pose, appearance, personality, scenery, images or texts, everything. The more I have information to create the art, the better. And please be organized with your references. This helps me a lot when collecting all the material to start drawing. Orders with no or few references will not be initiated until the situation is fixed.

All negotiations will be made via e-mail!
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